whatever the fuck I want.
(n)Ryan Taylor: (adj)quirky, (adj)interesting as shit, resident of San Francisco, living one interesting ass life.
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Hair gel’s got i c e in his veins.

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when you’re trying to save someone’s life by performing cpr


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The music is different at the BH6 preview at Disneyland…..


"ew fast food, do you even know what they put in fast food-"


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Seducing the assistant in the work room and then recording the man’s call with someone else is exactly who we know Connor to be—manipulative, self-serving, sexual, a means-to-an-end kind of guy. But when the assistant is confronted by Marren the next day, the assistant panics and jumps out of a window…[his] death hits Connor hard. Here’s a man he just had passionate sex with to win a case and his actions directly had a fatal consequence. (x)

This fucking part tore me.

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